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The AUSTEX DAILY provides a summary and independent review of EVERY ASX resource project announcement made by EVERY ASX RESOURCE COMPANY from EVERY resource commodity EVERY DAY. The average number of projects covered each day is now well in excess of 40 each day. 

The AUSTEX DAILY contains a summary of the key technical points of every investor presentation released to the market.

The AUSTEX DAILY also includes comments from our principal consultant Rob Murdoch on selected announcements that he feels offer the most opportunity or are of most concern.

The AUSTEX DAILY is the only totally independent technical review and guidance available on ASX resource projects status and progress.

The AUSTEX DAILY focus's on the project and not the company in line with the qualification and experience of our principal consultant.

The AUSTEX DAILY is emailed to subscribers around 6 am Brisbane time every ASX trading morning & covers all the projects from the previous trading day.

The AUSTEX DAILY is divided into sections so that information of most interest to particular readers can be easily found. The Sections include:
A. New Deals
B. Production
C. Emerging Production
D. Resource/Reserves Updates
E. Exploration Drilling Results
F. Drilling in Progress or Planned
G. Pre-Targeting Exploration
H. Capital Raisings

And any other information that may impact on a resource project can be found in section I. New Listings are included where they occur as Section A1. The investor presentations summaries follow Section I.

The AUSTEX DAILY is ideal for company executives, fund managers, market analysts, consulting, contracting and service companies. Investors, in fact, anyone, too busy to keep an eye on the ASX market and announcements and wanting to firstly keep up to date with what is being achieved across the whole ASX resources sector and/or find new resource business development or investment opportunities.