What We Do

AUSTEX REPORT – Provides the only totally Independent review & critique of every Resource Project announcement released on the ASX in the form of a daily report in an easy-to-follow format so that subscribers can identify announcements of potential interest to them quickly each morning.  Below each summary is a link to the full announcement should the reader need further detail of the announcement.   The reports also include a summary and link to every investor presentation made.  

There are currently around 870 ASX Resources Companies with flagship projects in over 26 different commodities and collectively they make between 40-60 Announcements per day.  

Each AUSTEX includes a page 1 index which sets out the Companies with Projects included in that edition in order of how the Market has reacted to their announcement on that day, plus lists the commodities involves in the announcement in order to allow quick identification of areas of interest to the reader.   

Each AUSTEX includes a page 2 devoted to AUSTEX comments on the day’s announcements include the Standout Project and summaries of all the significant project updates and drill intersections, plus the Best of the Rest.   

The AUSTEX, which is sent out as an email, to our Subscriber List, early the following Trading Day.

 In also includes summary of the key technical information made in each Investor Presentations released to the ASX, by Resource Companies

The daily AUSTEX Report is supplemented by the weekly AUSTEX LITE which includes all the changes in commodity prices and significant impacted on the share price of the ASX Resource Companies based on either Market Cap quartile and also Commodity focus.

Put simply In other words, AUSTEX Provides a TOTALLY INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT giving Credit and Criticism as and where we feel it is due.

All AUSTEX reports are edited by our Principal Consultant Rob Murdoch FAusIMM (CP Geology & Management) FAIG who has over 54 years of experience in exploration, development, operation, and management of Resource Companies. Over the past 7 years, Rob has built up AUSTEX to become recognised as a leader in the INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT of Resource Projects within the ASX Resource Market.

Whilst AUSTEX DOES NOT RECOMMEND ANY COMPANIES, the information we provide assists Subscribers with their own independent due diligence and the discussions with their Financial Advisors in selecting new Business or Investment opportunities. 

However, AUSTEX does NOT accept any liability for any loss incurred by any person or corporation deciding to acquire any business or shares as a result of any information provided by AUSTEX.  The Reader must do their own Due Diligence.

Subscriptions to the AUSTEX PACKAGE of RESOURCE OPPORTUNITIES REPORTS are available at Company or Private Investor Rates on an Annual Basis. Trial Subscriptions are available, upon request.

For information on Subscriptions email rob@austexresources.com